Frequently Asked Questions

How do you work remotely on my books?


I have supported multiple clients remotely since starting in 2007. Fortunately, with the availability of tools like On-line Banking, GoToMeeting, Dropbox, Google Docs and others, my clients rarely need to have face-to-face meetings. That being said, I will always be available to meet clients or their CPA’s should the need arise.

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What's your availability to me as a client?


One advantage to working with me as your Contract Bookkeeper is that while I only charge for a fraction of my time each week, I am as available as your full-time employees should something come up or you need some answer to a question. I can be reached multiple ways via phone, email or text messaging.

Are you a CPA?


No, but I work very closely with a number of CPAs. I always recommend that my clients have a CPA whom we can consult if the need arises.  Or I can always refer one of the CPAs who know my work and recognize the value of having a trusted Bookkeeper for weekly/monthly tasks. I hear regularly from them that they appreciate the neatness and thoroughness of my client's books.